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[mkgmap-dev] New locator branch

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Thu Mar 10 17:53:25 GMT 2011

Hi Minko,

> Thanks Wanmil,
> I tested a few tiles of the Benelux, and finally I found the street where I live in the correct city, and not in a neighbourhood village anymore. Congratulations, you have done a great job! :-)

Good news!

> For the Netherlands, streetnames assign to admin_level=10 or else (if not specified) assign to admin_level=8 (municipality) works great:
> mkgmap:country=NLD&  mkgmap:city!=*&  mkgmap:admin_level10=* { set mkgmap:city='${mkgmap:admin_level10}' }
> mkgmap:country=NLD&  mkgmap:city!=*&  mkgmap:admin_level8=* { set mkgmap:city='${mkgmap:admin_level8}' }

Good news again!

> A warning that shows up a few times while compiling:
> "cannot process location element, because it contains no name tag" but I don't know if this is a big issue.

This is a hint that there are boundaries without a name tag. I think the 
warning also contains the way ids, so you might fix them easily.

> Some test results on a Dakota:
> A city was assigned to the wrong Province (Amersfoort, Gelderland, NL)
> but the street in this city shows the correct location (Amersfoort, Utrecht, NL).
> Could this be caused by the fact that part of the province polygon of Utrecht was not
> complete in those tiles? Note that this city lies on the border of both provinces.

Congratulations. You have won a virtual coffee to be the first one that 
reports this problem ;-) The current algorithm doesn't like elements 
that lie or crosses the border of a boundary. It is a bit unspecified 
which name is used in such a case. This has to be fixed.

> As a result, if I look up the street and enter the city first, it finds the street within the city,
> but no results show up if I click on the streetname.
> If I skip the city name and enter the streetname directly, it shows the correct location.

Ok, I understand. So it is quite important that streets get the same 
city/region/country combination than the city itself. I will keep that 
in mind.

> This is not a big issue, since I could skip the region values in the style files (and I don't care so much about provinces) but I mention it anyway.
> For my Benelux map I'd like to know what style definitions works best in other surrounding countries (Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg)

Thanks a lot for testing! There will be some internal major changes next 
so it will take some time until the next commit.
Up to now I put all elements into a QuadTree like structure and search 
this structure for each boundary. This takes a long time and so I will 
do it the other way round. Build up a search structure for the 
boundaries and do the search for each element. This should speed up the 
things and it will be easier to handle the border crossing problems.

Have fun!

> Cheers, Minko

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