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[mkgmap-dev] Compiling from source on Mac OS - Warning: Could not find resource file "/opt/jars/protobuf-2.3.0/protobuf.jar" to copy.

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Tue Mar 8 09:33:36 GMT 2011

>> version of the splitter. So the best solution would be to fetch
>> the latest version. Also make sure that no old file is still around
>> for example a local.properties file that may be supplying that name.
>> Best wishes
>> ..Steve
>> _______________________________________________
> Is installing splitter now a requirement for mkgmap? I get the same
> error as above on a fresh download (no old files) from svn trunk.

No it isn't, sorry I was confused by talking about splitter.

However you still shouldn't need protobuf.jar to compile, if it
doesn't exist then the build file will not compile the pbf reader.

However the problem could be a different version of ant.
I use ant 1.7.1 and there is no warning when it attempts to
copy protobuf.jar and it does not exist.

OK, so I have just tried out ant 1.8.2 and it does give a warning
and fail the build.

I have a fix for it now.


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