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[mkgmap-dev] Include the following patches into trunk -- Patch4 - decrease douglas peucker error

From Johann Gail johann.gail at gmx.de on Fri Mar 4 20:29:48 GMT 2011

Am 03.03.2011 22:56, schrieb Felix Hartmann:
> On 03.03.2011 22:37, Felix Hartmann wrote:
>> For lines it works perfect. But somehow polygons really get munged and
>> destructed (lots of straight line holes - that are fewer without this
>> patch).
>> Could you check what is going on for polygons? For polygons the old
>> algo should be used, it looks like it would be even worse than the
>> straight line algo has ever been before.
> Sorry, for my complaint. Polygons are nice up to level 21. But really
> bad from level 20 down. The new aggressive filter should only be for
> lines, not for polygons as it does not work well for them.
> As for lines it does work well though.
No idea, what goes wrong in your case. I didn't expect big differences 
for polygons at resolutions <=20. In my test cases there I can't see any 
difference. I have just tested. Polygons looks a bit ugly with or 
without the recent change.

I know, that the dp filter is not really optimal for cleaning up 
polygons in general. Maybe needs an other approach...


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