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[mkgmap-dev] Countries issues

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Thu Mar 3 11:47:19 GMT 2011


> I looked a little bit more into it by adding debug info in Locator.java
> (see attached patch). I tried different values of location-autofill (-1
> thru 4) and it did not change anything.
> At that point everything looks fine. Where else could the problem happen?
> 2011/03/02 16:15:09 FINE (Locator): C:\OSM\maps\Test.osm: Processing
> Ackworth

Yes I've found that a tiny extract containing just Ackworth and its 
surroundings works perfectly.

I've downloaded the same us-midwest extract and am currently compiling 
that. Perhaps there is some other Ackworth that really causes the problem.

I note that it is not close to the edge of the state, in fact rather 
near the middle.

I've been lucky the second map tile contains a Mongolia, so I will go
and look at that.


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