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[mkgmap-dev] [index] Automatic location completion

From Scott Crosby scott at sacrosby.com on Wed Mar 2 03:52:10 GMT 2011

>> This boundary is open by the coast side, as many others (¿all?) in
>> Spain. Something similar to the close-gaps in the sea generation could
>> do the trick.
> That's not a nice job to do... We might continue the boundaries along
> coastlines. This would be a job for a specialized BoundaryRelation class
> that inherits from MultiPolygonRelation.
> I have finished my checks with Spain and the result is perplexing: The
> splitted tiles do not contain any boundary tag. I have used splitter
> r164. The .pbf file does contain them. So it seems to be a splitter bug
> (or I have used it wrong).

Ways that cross tile boundaries may be incomplete. When generating a
tile, the splitter includes in each tile all of the nodes in the tile,
all of the nodes within OVERLAP of the tile, and then any ways that
use any of those nodes and finally any relations that use those ways
or relations. If a way denoting a boundary has widely spaced nodes,
where none occurs in the overlap region, the way will have a gap
between the the last node in the region and the border. At present, it
doesn't go back and 'fill in' missing nodes in those ways/relations,
and it has never had that functionality. Doing that would require
additional passes, but I think it could be added in a few days of


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