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[mkgmap-dev] Include the following patches into trunk -- Patch1 - Drop small Polygons

From charlie at cferrero.net charlie at cferrero.net on Tue Mar 1 19:21:17 GMT 2011

Felix Hartmann (extremecarver at gmail.com) wrote:

> The following patches are in my eyes really worthwhile and should be
> added to trunk. They all work fine without glitches.
> 1. Drop small Polygons
> I am not sure who wrote this patch, but I have been using it longtime
> and it certainly does improve map performance especially on higher
> resolutions.
> It removes all polygons which consist of less than 8 pixels.
> If you deem that this is too extreme (though 8 pixels is really nothing,
> and polygons of less than 8 pixel size are barely noticeable anyhow -
> and only slow down map drawing) the following line could be reduced to
> maybe 6 or 4 pixels:
> +    private static final int MIN_SIZE_POLYGON = 8;

Sounds like a useful patch: even better if the polygon size could be  
set in the command line (e.g. --remove-small-polygons:15).  At the  
moment I have buildings set to appear at resolution 24, but some huge  
buildings (malls, conference centres) are big enough to be sensibly  
displayed at resolution 23 and this patch would avoid displaying lots  
of specks for the normal house-sized buildings at res 23.


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