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[mkgmap-dev] Splitter issue with KML

From Nakor nakor.osm at gmail.com on Tue Mar 1 16:10:01 GMT 2011


It looks like splitter now (r165) prepends a ./ to the KML file name. 
This makes KML file generation with full path fail. Can we go back to 
the previous behavior?

E:>java -ea -Xmx1500M -Dlog.config=E:\OSM\scripts\logging.properties 
-jar E:\OSM\splitter-r165\splitter.jar --mapid=10000000  --max-areas=25 
"--description=OSM routable map"  
--write-kml=E:\OSM\kml\us_midwest.kml   E:\OSM\downloads\us_midwest.osm.pbf


Writing KML file to .\E:\OSM\kml\splitter\midwest.kml
Could not write KML file .\E:\OSM\maps\splitter\midwest.kml



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