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[mkgmap-dev] [Patch] MapSource installer improvements v1

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Sun Feb 27 15:39:29 GMT 2011

The family name is stored in the mapsource windows registry
and is commonly used as directory name. It's also the name of the map
that you see in your gps.

The series name is the name that you see in the drop down list in mapsource.

At the moment the series name is used for all the nsis parameters, but I think
it makes more sense to use the family name for this.

This makes it possible to use the series name in combination with a version
or date stamp (eg osm map version 27-02-2011) so you can see in Mapsource
from what date your mapversion is (the family name isnt shown in MS).

It will also mean that you always store the map in the same folder, because
you can keep the family name the same every time.


 Steve wrote

OK, but this is a bit confusing... it needs to be

+		familyName = args.get("family-name", "OSM map");

and then any other change that follows on from that.

But what is the real problem here? Do we use the terms family-name and
series-name differently from everyone else? (I was never sure which
was which).


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