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[mkgmap-dev] Contour lines in Mapsource (was Improved street search in index branch)

From Charlie Ferrero charlie at cferrero.net on Mon Feb 21 09:43:31 GMT 2011

On 21/02/2011 11:42, Felix Hartmann wrote:
> On 21.02.2011 07:09, Charlie Ferrero wrote:
>> On 21/01/2011 18:17, Felix Hartmann wrote:
>>> On 21.01.2011 15:12, charlie at cferrero.net wrote:
>>>> Minko (ligfietser at online.nl) wrote:
>>>> [snip]
>>>>> Note that I don't put the line "mapname: 10010101.img"
>>>>> in the line above with "description: contourmap"
>>>>> because this causes that the contours dont show up in Mapsource.
>>>>> If I leave mapname etc out, it shows the contourlines.
>>>> No way! Is this why I can't get contour lines to display in MapSource
>>>> (even though I know they're there because I can see the contour
>>>> elevation labels)???  I'd given up on ever getting contours to work
>>>> properly in MapSource.  Prize for obscurest workaround of the year so
>>>> far if this works. ;)
>>> Highly off topic:
>>> 1. Check: Countourlines have to have exactly the same resolution as
>>> normal maps (if normal maps 24,22,20,18 countourline maps have to be
>>> 24,22,20 (you can skip the 18) - if normal maps are 24,23,22,21,20 then
>>> well, your contourline maps need to be also 24,23,22,21,20 - as soon as
>>> you leave out a resolution they won't be displayed anymore)
>>> 2. Contourline maps have to have higher mapname.
>>> --- both is irrelevant if you use basecamp or on GPS, which always shows
>>> contourlines if inside same tdb. Problem is 1, in general contourlines
>>> work better if you have 23,21,20 as levels on GPS or for Qlandkarte GT.
>>> DEM3 data, is not good enough resolution to justify the 2x space /
>>> render requirements of res 23.)
>> Hmmm - tried this and it still doesn't work.  My contour style has
>> exactly the same levels as the base style, and the mapnames are higher.
>>     All I can see is the contour labels, but not the contours themselves
>> (see http://cferrero.net/maps/img/mkgmapdev_contourissue.png).  If I
>> just display the contour maps and not the basemap, it works as expected
>> (see http://cferrero.net/maps/img/mkgmapdev_contourissue2.png)
>> I'm using Mapsource 6.16.3, my base map has mapname 63247001 and the
>> contour tiles are 63247201-63247209, compiled with higher draw priority
>> and --transparent
> Where did I write you are supposed to use --transparent. Drop that it
> causes only problems.

You beauty - thanks Felix.  Dropping transparent counterintuitively 
fixed things.  All working now.


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