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[mkgmap-dev] share your outdoor/mtb/hiking styles and typ

From maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com on Sun Feb 20 22:56:03 GMT 2011

Thanks everyone!

On Mon, Feb 21, 2011 at 2:10 AM, Jeroen Muris <jeroen at tweejee.net> wrote:
> Op 19-2-2011 4:23, maning sambale schreef:
> Hi,
> I am planning to create an outdoor garmin map useful for hikers, MTB,
> mountaineers.  Care to share your typs and style code?
> My 'work in progress' can be found for now at
> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20232727/OSM_script-20110220.zip.
> At the moment, the included (Windows) script is set up to use the default
> style and any additional styles in the 'style' subfolder. I'm actively
> experimenting with both, and TYP and style are not matching 1:1. Both style
> and TYP are rather general, for personal use.
> BTW: if you want to use the script, it'll need some configuration and a
> 'curl.exe' to download a planet file. This is what I say about that in the
> script:
> rem Command file to convert OSM map to Garmin
> rem Needed: curl.exe in active directory or in path + splitter and mkgmap in
> %java_apps%\%mkgmapversion% & %java_apps%\%splitterversion%
> rem %java_apps% defaults to currect directory, %mkgmapversion% and
> %splitterversion% need to be set
> rem %mkgmapversion% can direct to compiled version from SVN:
> mkgmapversion=mkgmap-svn\dist
> rem A new *.osm file is only downloaded when there's none present
> rem Download can be a gzipped planet file or in protobuf format
> rem The planet file is split only if there are no tiles present yet.
> rem The splitter is set up to use an existing areas.list - if present
> rem The maximum number of tiles is 99, as there are two positions to loop
> through the tiles.
> rem For the conversion the default style definitions is used, plus optional
> extra layers/styles
> rem There can be up to nine extra layers/styles, numbered %firststyle% to
> %laststyle%
> rem The optional layers are on top of the default layer, with priority for
> the first layer set to %basepriority%
> rem The script does not install maps into MapSource
> rem The final map will be written to %outputfolder%, this path should not
> contain spaces
> rem Caches for BaseCamp/MapSource will be emptied, paths need to be
> configured in %mapsourcecache% and %basecampcache%
> Regards,
> J-----.
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