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[mkgmap-dev] share your outdoor/mtb/hiking styles and typ

From Jeroen Muris jeroen at tweejee.net on Sun Feb 20 18:10:54 GMT 2011

Op 19-2-2011 4:23, maning sambale schreef:
> Hi,
> I am planning to create an outdoor garmin map useful for hikers, MTB,
> mountaineers.  Care to share your typs and style code?
My 'work in progress' can be found for now at 

At the moment, the included (Windows) script is set up to use the 
default style and any additional styles in the 'style' subfolder. I'm 
actively experimenting with both, and TYP and style are not matching 
1:1. Both style and TYP are rather general, for personal use.

BTW: if you want to use the script, it'll need some configuration and a 
'curl.exe' to download a planet file. This is what I say about that in 
the script:

rem Command file to convert OSM map to Garmin

rem Needed: curl.exe in active directory or in path + splitter and 
mkgmap in %java_apps%\%mkgmapversion% & %java_apps%\%splitterversion%
rem %java_apps% defaults to currect directory, %mkgmapversion% and 
%splitterversion% need to be set
rem %mkgmapversion% can direct to compiled version from SVN: 

rem A new *.osm file is only downloaded when there's none present
rem Download can be a gzipped planet file or in protobuf format

rem The planet file is split only if there are no tiles present yet.
rem The splitter is set up to use an existing areas.list - if present
rem The maximum number of tiles is 99, as there are two positions to 
loop through the tiles.

rem For the conversion the default style definitions is used, plus 
optional extra layers/styles
rem There can be up to nine extra layers/styles, numbered %firststyle% 
to %laststyle%
rem The optional layers are on top of the default layer, with priority 
for the first layer set to %basepriority%

rem The script does not install maps into MapSource
rem The final map will be written to %outputfolder%, this path should 
not contain spaces
rem Caches for BaseCamp/MapSource will be emptied, paths need to be 
configured in %mapsourcecache% and %basecampcache%


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