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[mkgmap-dev] Address search and index.

From Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl on Wed Feb 16 10:50:32 GMT 2011

> 4) There are such things as cities that span multiple counties (like
> London, England for instance). There needs to be rules to allow that,
> maybe where the bounding-box for the majority of the county of Middlesex
> is required to be entirely outside the bounding box for London, but a
> second bounding-box (also flagged as 'county of Middlesex') is placed
> inside the bounding-box for London, but a member of a "relation" with
> the other Middlesex to prove that they are supposed to be the same. If
> the 'relation' was omitted, the auto-checkers would barf because you'd
> have two disjoint places called Middlesex inside the same parent
> bounding box (England). (You might choose to relax that rule if the two
> Middlesex bounding-boxes shared one or more periphery vectors, as they
> would here.)
Middlesex is not a county any more, it's a historic county which doesn't 
have a place in any administrative hierarchy. Same with Berkshire and 
Avon, for example. A polygon to represent Middlesex doesn't need to bear 
any relationship to the boundary of Greater London, various London 
Boroughs, Hertfordshire etc.

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