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[mkgmap-dev] delete and replace is_in:country tags

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Wed Feb 16 08:33:30 GMT 2011


On 16/02/11 03:01, maning sambale wrote:
> *=* {delete is_in:country=disputed territory}
> place=* {add is_in:country=Philippines}

If you want to replace all disputed's with Philippines then
this will do it:

	is_in:country='disputed territory' {set is_in:country=Philippines}

If you want to be more selective you could do:

	is_in:country='disputed territory' {delete is_in:country}
	place=* {add is_in:country=Philippines}

The --country-name=Philippines and --country-abbr=PL options should be
used with mkgmap to set the default country too.


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