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[mkgmap-dev] Address & city country name assignment.

From Du Plessis, Bennie Bennie.DuPlessis at sappi.com on Wed Feb 16 06:00:48 GMT 2011

I don't understand which tags are used to find the country (and other
address data) for a street, or city to use in address search.

In my build of Southern Africa, the streets around Nelspruit gets
assigned country Botswana, although it is in South Africa, and close to
a place= city node that contains is_in data: is_in= province, region,
country, continent  also is_in:country = South Africa.

Similar strange things is that Johannesburg city node falls in Lesotho,
while Johannesburg North also a point, not 5 Km from there falls in
Botswana. Both with is_in data that shows it in South Africa.
And Gaborone, capital of Botswana falls in South Africa. All these
despite the fact that these cities have is_in tags. Also all of these in
the same tile, but I have since assumed that the country info is not
uniform through a tile.

I understand the address search function is still shaky, but can you say
where a point / way will get its country info from?
Should MkGMap not first inspect the tags on the entity itself - it
doesn't seem to happen, as cities gets assigned new country names
although it contains is_in info.

With the city nodes containing the wrong country name, I suppose any
street near it gets assigned that incorrect country name.

Maybe I am doing something wrong, and not MkGmap.

What is_in information does MkGMap expect for a city.
Is only the nearest city considered for a street's address data, or will
a town / village that is closer be taken?

Will it help to play with is_in tags with the style files, or is the
index created before the style file changes are done?

Is boundary information considered at all? Because boundaries in my map
is still faulty. A lot of boundaries are not rendered by mkgmap. Some
case where rivers are used as boundaries as well, and other cases that
are simply pure misteries.

I know nothing of code language, but would like to read through it
Where can I see the code that assigns the address info to the street /


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