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[mkgmap-dev] which city hexcode are searcheable with city search and as POI

From maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com on Tue Feb 15 12:06:08 GMT 2011

I would like to know which of the city codes are:
1.  Used in the city indexing
2.  Used in the POI searching

The cgpmapper manual has the following lists:
N 0x0100-0x0500 256-1280 1-5  City name (Point, fat, big)
N 0x0600-0x0A00 1536-2560 6-10  City name (Point, big)
N 0x0B00 2816 11  City name (Point, small)
N 0x0C00 3072 12  City name (Point, small)
N 0x0D00 3328 13  City name (Point, small)
N 0x0E00-0x1100 3584-4352 14-17  City name (Point, big)

Why?  The city search for very minor places like hamlets and village
clutter the list.  Although city search is now enabled, I can't use
the the "Spell City" feature, instead, I have to browse through the
very long list.

I'm thinking of assigning hamlets and village as POI instead of the
city searching index.

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