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[mkgmap-dev] Index branch - success!

From Chris66 chris66nrw at gmx.de on Mon Feb 14 13:19:14 GMT 2011

Am 12.02.2011 21:45, schrieb Chris66:

> So, searching cities with "LÜ" now gives:
>  Lünen, Kreis Unna
>  Lünen-Süd, DEU
> and looking for "LU" gives:
>  Lüdinghausen, Kreis Coesfeld
>  Lünen, Kreis Unna
>  Lünen-Süd, DEU

New result with v1850: No more crash in BaseCamp, so made gmapsupp.img
for whole NorthRineWestfalia.

Now, looking for "Lü" or "LU" in address find gives no
result, so I have to scroll down in the city list to
select one of these cities.

Looking for "PO" gives only 1 city (Pochwerk),
while in the scroll list there are 18 cities starting
with PO.

Pödinghausen (does he stop searching here because of the umlaut??)


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