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[mkgmap-dev] Address search and index.

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Mon Feb 14 12:23:11 GMT 2011

Good to hear that the mystery about the address search is revealed. :-)

I made a test map with mkgmap-index-r1850.jar a 9 tiles, mainly in NL
and one tile partly in Germany (area of Emmerich am Rhein).
Send it succesfully to the GPS (Dakota and Nuvi).

Here are a few test results:

Used country-name=Nederland country-abbr=NL. 

Address search on the GPS works!

Address search shows two options: "Spell country" and "Nederland"

Spell country shows: "Deutschland" and "Nederland"

Searching for a place name with "E" in Deutschland shows a few place names, 
starting with E, like Ellecom, DEU but this place is not in Germany at all.
If I search for Ellecom in the Netherlands: not found.

Searching for Emmerich am Rhein in Deutschland: not found.
Searching for Emmerich am Rhein in Nederland: found

Searching for a big place like Amersfoort, which is clearly on the map: not found

Searching for a streetname: found, but often located in the wrong place.


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