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[mkgmap-dev] Address search and index.

From Du Plessis, Bennie Bennie.DuPlessis at sappi.com on Mon Feb 14 11:02:47 GMT 2011

What about enabling the template.args file or options to manually
override a tile's country-name? 
I get another problem that is slightly related: In a tile that is 90 %
country A, but contains the capital of country B, the country name of
the tile becomes Country B in the address search. If I can specify the
country name of a tile I can manually control that. I tried
--country-name=Country A in the options, but it doesn't seem to have an
effect. Is it not suppose to override the country name for the map, or
does it fall away now with address search?

BTW congratulations with the address search break through. 
I am so excited I cannot sleep!

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From: Steve Ratcliffe [mailto:steve at parabola.me.uk] 
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> Do you think, it's an osm-data-problem? Then it would be very helpful,
> to explain, which tags are involved and causes the faults. Is it
> addr:country or which tags did mkgmap use therefor?
> If there are faults in the data, they should be fixed.

Well I get England, Great Britain, Great Britian, and United Kingdom.

One is spelling mistake and so, fair enough, should be fixed and there
is not going to be any argument from anyone about that.

But the others are not wrong and might be fine in other situations.

A few examples from England:

	k='is_in' v='Nantwich, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom'
	k='is_in' v='UK, England, County Durham, Teesdale'
	k='is_in' v='England, Essex'

So there are different tagging styles and conventions, I don't think
we can change how the mapper map apart from fixing clear errors.

There is code in mkgmap, written by Bernhard Heibler, that attempts to
make sense of these differences and I guess the first thing we need to
do is get that configured as well as possible.

Looking at LocatorConfig.xml it appears that I can specify all the
varients of a country name and it will change them to the main name.
I'm just about to try this out.



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