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[mkgmap-dev] Index branch - success!

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Mon Feb 14 09:45:14 GMT 2011

> - Loading the map to basecamp and roadtrip - no crash
> - loading the map to nuvi 1310 using map install - no crash
> - using the Where to - Address - working!

Good news!

> - I see two countries in the "Select Country" (Disputed Territory and
> Ph) - what do we mean by disputed territory?

That must be in the data, the string 'disputed' does not appear in
mkgmap anywhere.

>    I can search for streets under the "Disputed Category" but not in "Ph"

That seems strange, there are some islands that are disputed, but you
would expect that most streets would be in "Ph".  The country may need
an entry in LocatorConfig.xml.


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