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[mkgmap-dev] Converting mkgmap generated maps to Mac format (was Index branch - success!)

From Clinton Gladstone clinton.gladstone at googlemail.com on Sat Feb 12 22:54:30 GMT 2011

On Feb 12, 2011, at 17:52, Carlos Dávila wrote:

> Conversion to gmap format in both cases:
> python gmapi-builder.py -t osmmap.tdb -b osmmap.img -s typ/SPAIN-14.TYP 
> 5514*.img osmmap.img

Try the attached file. I quickly hacked it up to support latin-1 encoding for names.

Also, if you are using the --index option in mkgmap, remember to include the index files in gmapi-builder. Example:

$ gmapi-builder.py -t 14000000.tdb -b 14000000.img -s 14.TYP -i 14000000.mdx -m 14000000_mdr.img *.img


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