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[mkgmap-dev] Index branch - success!

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Sat Feb 12 00:35:17 GMT 2011

Wow really great. So finally a lot of work for you has paid off. That's 
like the biggest mkgmap drawback that got solved.

Even the intersection search is working now (in Mapsource).

well not to stop here, or more fair, some ideas for the future on what 
would be nice to see improved.
would it be possible to have a switch so that mkgmap can create the 
address index with less memory requirements? That would be great for 
tools that work on clientside to produce mapsets from different maps 
(e.g. maps & contourline merging -- which AFAIK is impossible without 
rewriting the address index .... or else someone may tell me how to do 
it without loosing the address index which would be even greater....)

Oh yeah and some rules to get addresses working also when adding funny 
stuff to the name field in the style-file (like e.g. adding route names 
or changing to name_cycleway so that not that bad name is chosen for the 
index (or both which would be fine too). Probably a lot of other stuff 
on how to interprete OSM address data.

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