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[mkgmap-dev] Index branch - success!

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Fri Feb 11 22:13:47 GMT 2011

El 11/02/11 22:47, WanMil escribió:
>> On 11/02/2011 20:59, WanMil wrote:
>>> I tried to compile a complete europe map. It failed with the following
>>> exception (sounds easy to fix...?-):
>>> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
>>> at uk.me.parabola.imgfmt.app.mdr.Mdr23.sortRegions(Mdr23.java:54)
>> Easy to stop the exception perhaps ;) but how is it getting to be null?
>> All regions should have one of those set in the previous method.
>> Anyway I just compilled a complete UK extract and tried to upload
>> all the tiles and it failed with the usual error after a while. So a
>> complete Europe build might be a bit ambitious at this time.
>> ..Steve
> I think that happens in case the first region has an empty name "".
> Then the region is set to null in Mdr28.buildFromRegions(..). I try to
> change the lastName variable to another value. Maybe that works.
You are right. I've just found the node causing my map throw the exception:
<node id='338743274' lat='42.0871129' lon='-8.4150653'>
*<tag k='is_in' v=', Galicia, Spain'/>*
<tag k='name' v='As Neves'/>
<tag k='name:es' v='Nieves'/>
<tag k='place' v='village'/>
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