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[mkgmap-dev] splitter and long way-segments

From Henning Scholland osm at aighes.de on Wed Feb 9 11:15:56 GMT 2011

Am 07.02.2011 23:45, schrieb Minko:
> Henning,
> Did you try a higher overlap setting?
> Maybe --overlap=6000 ?
> --overlap
> Nodes/ways/rels that fall outside an area will still be included if they are within this many map units. Default is 2000
Sorry for late answer, but I tried this already. In some cases it works. 
But ferries at north sea or baltic sea (eg. Rostock-Helsinki) or other 
"ocean"-ferries (Norway-GB) have waysegments with length of more than 
100km. These lines gets broken an I think its impossible to increase 
tiles so much.

One solution would be, that splitter detect long segments and add two 
nodes next to the boarder of the tiles. But I don't know, if this is an 
easy think to detect these long segments.


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