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[mkgmap-dev] a few points

From Jozef Riha jose1711 at gmail.com on Mon Feb 7 18:22:11 GMT 2011


i've been playing with mkgmap and etrex legend a little bit and these
are my findings:

 tourism=information {name '${name} - ${description} (${operator})'..
[0x2f0c resolution 20]
 - this is most likely not right as 2f0c is
auto-services|rest-area-tourist-info|Restroom (and also renders as
such in garmin). it could be that tourism=information couples with
information=board (there's no building). hence you cannot assume that
restroom are always present.
 amenity=place_of_worship [0x2c0b resolution 21]
 - this is probably correct with newer garmins but in etrex legend it
renders as an attraction, probably better to replace with

 trial -> trail

i generated a map containing all possible types of point. there are
quite a few that are displayed in garmin but not included in
garmin_feature_list.csv. are you interested in listing them?



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