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[mkgmap-dev] splitter & geonames-file

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Mon Feb 7 10:43:48 GMT 2011

I've noticed that if I use the splitter option --geonames-file==cities5000.txt, and it can't find 
any cities within the splitted tile, it skips the description name. Processing mkgmap with the 
template.args file results in a tile with a description name of the preceding tile, because of the #
in the template. On my map this results in two maps having the same description name:

In the template.args file:

mapname: 20010022
description: NL-Sneek
input-file: 20010022.osm.gz

mapname: 20010023
# description: OSM Map
input-file: 20010023.osm.gz

In the processed gmapsupp.img:

 20010022 MPC   3742902  5  1252   20      1 20010  NL-Sneek (20010022)
 20010023 MPC    324001  5  1252   20      1 20010  NL-Sneek (20010023)

I suggest to leave the # out of the default description names in the template.args file,
or is there another way to fix this error?

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