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[mkgmap-dev] rev 1822 index branch

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Fri Feb 4 17:49:17 GMT 2011

> Well done,
> finally the first version where search not only works in Mapsource
> (street&  city or anything else if correct is found), but also now in
> Basecamp!
> (in Basecamp only streets inside the active tile?? or close to center of
> map?? are found, but that's the first time - and the same behaviour as
> with City Navigator by Garmin).
> Seems that this version is pretty close to be correct (well I think
> housenumbers are not yet supported, but correct streetsearch is much
> more important of course..).
> Only problem is sending to device fails with the usual
> mdr_trim_addr.cxx-3923... error.
> Besides searching for intersections doesn't work yet (anyone knows if it
> works with cgpsmapper created maps??) but I personally have never used
> searching for intersections (as the biggest problem is that even with
> city Navigator after you have selected the first street, you are still
> offered all streets for second street - so you can only find an
> intersection if you know the exact name of both streets).

Yeah, I can confirm that except intersection search also works for me.
Maybe you observed the problem Steven mentioned? A lot of cities are 
missing with 1822.


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