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[mkgmap-dev] Distinguishing cycleways from footways and minor paths

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Fri Feb 4 14:38:56 GMT 2011

In the typ file you can't define what kind of road it is in the TYP file,
if both roads are set to the same 0x07 type. So there you can only set the label
to cycleway/service road and see what the navigation does. 

It's sad that the newer Garmin's only can display
a very limited number of line types without a typ file, but there is another alternative:
How about working with overlays?

line style file:

highway=cycleway [0x070d]
highway=service [0x070e]

overlay style file:

0x070d: 0x07, 0x0d
0x070e: 0x07, 0x0e

Routing will be fine, because Garmin only uses 0x07 
Without a typ file, GPS unit and Mapsource show only 0x07 because 0x0d / 0x0e are invisible 

If you are working WITH a typ file and the default style, this option does offer the possibility to
set a label or colour to 0x0d and 0x0e  

Speaking of invisble lines, this is also working for bridges:

(bridge=yes | bridge=true | bridge=viaduct)  [0x2b resolution 23 continue with_actions]

Without a typ file, bridges are not visible, just the highway. 
With a typ file, type 0x2b can be made visible with the highway.


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