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[mkgmap-dev] Distinguishing cycleways from footways and minor paths

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Fri Feb 4 09:05:25 GMT 2011

Maybe if you put a default_name on them (default_name=service)
you can read from the label what kind of road it is.
You can even consider putting the default labels for footway/pedestrian/path/cycleway
with 0x07 as well, so on the Garmin units one can see what kind of highway it is tagged with.

Type 0x07 is actually a pretty good one because it's a thinner solid line than the residential
streets but it is not dashed like paths and footways.

Marko wrote:

Good that we are on the same page.

>How about highway=service? I suggest to display them as type 0x06.  
>Maybe with a default_name=service?

I would keep highway=service as they are (0x07), because they are 
usually driveways, parking aisles or alleys where the practical maxspeed 
is lower than on residential streets (which are 0x06). Also, some 
highway=service are private driveways to properties. I think that 
anything on 0x06 or 'bigger' road types should generally be public 


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