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[mkgmap-dev] Replacing --add-pois-to-areas with an add_poi action

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Thu Feb 3 19:13:35 GMT 2011

> Am 03.02.2011 12:51, schrieb Ben Konrath:
>> On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 4:20 PM, Torsten Leistikow<de_muur at gmx.de>   wrote:
>>> Moin,
>>> Henning Scholland schrieb am 31.01.2011 21:41:
>>>> Why you
>>>> would like to have a POI for an object taged as node and not for a
>>>> similar POI taged as polygon?
>>> In OSM some objets can be mapped in OSM as a node or as an area, depending on
>>> the availability of the source data. If they are mapped as a node, I want them
>>> to be displayed as a symbol in my map. If they are mapped as an area, I want
>>> them to be displayed as a polygon. With the pois-to-area function the latter
>>> ones are displayed in a map twice, as a polygon AND as a symbol.
>> That's a bug. If I recall correctly, the POI should only be added if
>> there's no POI with the same name already in the polygon. I should
>> really fix this. Thanks for pointing it out
> No, this is a error in osm-data. One object should only taged once. So
> if you tag this information to a node, you shouldn't tag same info to
> the polygon. If add-pois-to-area creates an POI, there shouldn't be any
> node in OSM-data. If there is already a node and so there are two
> symbols in the map, it's not an mkgmap-bug.
> Henning

I think Ben is right.

The POI should only be added if there is no point (POI) with the same 
name (and the same type?) in the polygon.

This is what the MapMaker.makeAreaPOIs method does if we believe what 
the source code comments tell us.


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