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[mkgmap-dev] Wondering about mkgmap usage.

From dom dom at team-oid.de on Tue Feb 1 09:17:50 GMT 2011

Hi Maning,

thanks for this. Charlies page is great.  I'm already aware of the
functionality of a typ file.
I just was not sure about the reason why some of the user add the typ
file as parameter at the end of mkgmap command.

Thanks for your fast help.


Am 01.02.2011 09:54, schrieb maning sambale:
> Dear Marco,
> Typ files allow you to customize the look of your map.  Think of it as
> different cartographic design in the main OSM map (mapnik, osmarender,
> cyclemaps).  Many mkgmap users use different typ files depending on
> the map purpose (road, cycling hiking, etc).
> A good howto and explanation here:
> http://www.cferrero.net/maps/guide_to_TYPs.html
> If no typ file is included in the mkgmap parameters.  It will default
> on garmin's map design.
> On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 4:44 PM, dom <dom at team-oid.de> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm using mkgmap since a while and it works great. Good work and thanks
>> to all of the developer.
>> I know how many time you are investing into it and how many time such a
>> OS project needs to care about.
>> So my question is. I already have seen that some of the map compilers
>> are calling the mkgmap with the typ file at the end.
>> For example: java .. -jar mkgmap.jar [option] typfile.typ
>> I also tried it and I found no advantage or difference to a call without
>> the typ file?
>> What is the reason for this? I also didn't find any doc for this.
>> Thanks,
>> Marco
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