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[mkgmap-dev] Changing styles and TYP integrating

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Mon Jan 31 22:43:24 GMT 2011

"Marko Mäkelä" wrote":

>Your suggestion of replacing the 0x06 with 0x0d makes sense, provided 
>that it is routeable and does not imply bicycle=no. (In Finland, 
>bicycling up to 20 km/h is allowed on pedestrian areas.)

Yep, I use type 0x0d for different lines (mainly tracks, mtb-paths and pedestrian roads)
and cycling routes very well on these roads.

>>a suggestion could be to change this into 0x0d or the same as footway, 0x16

>How would you identify a footway? There is some path/cycleway/footway 
>controversy and ambiguity going on. Something like this?

>highway=footway & bicycle=(yes|designated|permissive|official) [ 0x16 ]
>highway=footway [ 0x0d ] # other cases than the above
>highway=path & bicycle=no [ 0x0d ]
>highway=path & bicycle!=no [ 0x16 ]
>highway=cycleway [ 0x16 ]

I would suggest highway=path & bicycle=(yes|designated|permissive|official) [ 0x16 ]
highway=path  [ 0x0d ] so the same as footways

As far as I know on the Dutch map highway=path is a narrow trail in forests or on fields
that are not suitable for cycling unless otherwise stated (with bicycle=yes, for mtb trails etc).

>Right, it could be useful to distinguish cycleways (or 
>foot-and-cycleways) from foot-only ways.

Yes, that would be great.

>>Other line types that are routable can be used as well to distinguish 
>>more type of highways that are rendered the same in the default map:
>>0x0e 0x0f 0x10 0x11 0x12 0x13
>>Think about bridges, tunnels, steps etc

>I am a little reserved about this, but I agree that this could be useful 
>with a TYP file.

I agree, someone has to maintain a default style file first
otherwise it wouldnt make much sense.

>>add landuse=grass to landuse=meadow
>>add natural=heath [0x20 resolution 20]?
>>add natural=sand | surface=sand to natural=beach

>According to 
>the 0x20 could work, but I would have to test it.

>There is no natural=beach in the default style. What did you have in 

0x53?  sand/tidal/mud flat - although it looks like water in gpsmapedit :(

>>I wrote earlier about a proposal to put some kind of standard TYP file 
>>to the default styles. The Mapnik ones from Lionel aka Petrovsk are 
>>suitable for this and he already give his permission to enhance it.  
>>Maybe this can be worked out and translated it into German, English etc

>I can help with a Finnish translation. How would this TYP file be 
>maintained? Is there some editable (text) format and an editor that is 
>free software? Quite a while back, I was toying with the idea of 
>composing a TYP file from an assembler source file, but I never got 
>around to completing it.

I use typviewer from http://opheliat.free.fr/michel40/
to convert a typ file into txt format and back to typ which
is also compatible with the online typ file editor from ati.land.cz 
Drawback is that it's only available in French.

I don't know who is willing to maintain the default typ file.
The main problem is that there is a big difference in display between
the older Garmin units and the 'touchscreen units' like Oregon, Dakota and Nuvi,
see http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=10032
For my cycling maps I have a workaround for the older units with thin lines and a green backgroud.
Anyway, I think the mapnik.typ that is now available is always better than no typ file at


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