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[mkgmap-dev] How to fix amenity=shelter in the default style?

From Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at iki.fi on Mon Jan 31 21:26:24 GMT 2011

Last week, I changed the POI type for amenity=shelter in the default 
style from 0x2b05 (bed icon) to 0x6402 (an icon of a building block).  
Even though I later changed the resolution to 24, this symbol (along 
with grave yard symbols) seems to be visible from much greater distance 
than shops or anything else. I tried with two different map detail 
levels on my Edge 705.

So, it looks like the 0x6402 is meant for skyscrapers and the like.
Next try is with 0x6412. Same problem: at normal detail level, it shows 
at 120m zoom while shops and the like start to appear at 50m. At the 
highest detail level, shops appear at 120m and 0x6412 appears at 500m.

Can anyone suggest a more suitable symbol for amenity=shelter? It does 
not need to be searchable, and it should not be any more 'visible' than, 
say, 0x2f17 (transit service; used by highway=bus_stop).

The 'problem' at hand are two shelters on a railway station platform. I 
do not want them to be more visible on the map than the shops and other 
features in the town centre. Here are the nodes:


If nobody can suggest a better symbol for amenity=shelter, I would 
remove amenity=shelter altogether from the default style. There seems to 
be some agreement that amenity=shelter may be too inaccurate tagging for 
the tourism or hiking related shelters.

Side note: the unsearchable 0x6412 'hiker symbol' could be a good choice 
for some minor hiking feature. I think that sites where overnighting is 
possible do require a searchable symbol.

Best regards,


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