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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap dropping ways with boundary -- newly introduced bug

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Tue Jan 25 16:49:25 GMT 2011

Have not yet found out the reason. First I thought its some patches 
responsible for it. But that is not the problem. Then I thought it's my 
style-file, but on default style-file this is no problem. However other 
people who use default style-file don't seem to have the problem.
Then I thought it is related to the parameters, but I cut them down to 
only include those absolutely needed (also removed --remove-short-arcs 
but it did not help, and without it autorouting is severly broken).

start /low /b /wait java -ea -jar -Xmx6500M c:\openmtbmap\mkgmap.jar 
--latin1 --max-jobs=4 --nsis  --remove-short-arcs --route 
--country-abbr=%abr% --country-name=%country% %profile% 
--mapname=%FID%0000 --family-id=%FID% --product-id=1 
--series-name=openmtbmap_%country%_%date% --family-name=mtbmap --tdbfile 
--index --overview-mapname=mapset --keep-going 
--area-name="openmtbmap.org" -c c:\openmtbmap\maps\template.%country% 
clas.TYP >NUL

I'm not sure since when this bug exists, Version 1625 works fine. 1632 
as well. Current versions are broken (both trunk and index branch). This 
is completly independant of the style-file. If you don't render 
boundaries, then the street is missing nevertheless.

Notice the Peckhausweg and Gräulingstraße (they should be where the red 
highlighter is placed) both missing in mkgmap default created maps and 
instead the boundary is put inside the map:


However it is not allways the case, the Neunzigstraße also sharing the 
way with the boundary is not missing from the map. I tried on both index 
and trunk mkgmap, both time same problem. Downgrading to 1625 helped 

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