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[mkgmap-dev] Improved street search in index branch

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Sat Jan 22 10:57:24 GMT 2011

I compared the MDR5 code to the cpreview code.

There is a unique flag for each city (0x800000). cpreview clears this 
flag if the previous region and city name are equal. The index branch 
checks for equality of map index and city name.
I tried to change that but all I got was some new exceptions in MapSource.

Steve: Did you also play with this flag?


> Hi
> On the index branch I have committed a change to sort the roads in the
> NET section in the same order as in the index.  Prior to the I was
> unable to find any street containing a ü character in the first
> part of the name, now I can almost always find a street if the
> city field is empty.
> I have also found the reason why cities are in the index in
> incompatible forms such as Mönchweiller and Moenchweiller.
> There is some hard coded styling that uses the openGeoDB:sort_name
> tag to get the name of the city for an element, but the city itself
> gets the regular name tag (or whatever the style sets the name to).
> So I've changed this to use openGeoDB:name instead.
> As the change affects the tiles you must recompile the tiles, not just
> the index.  You must also use --latin1.
> ..Steve
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