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[mkgmap-dev] Improved street search in index branch

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Thu Jan 20 19:13:52 GMT 2011

El 18/01/11 23:27, Carlos Dávila escribió:
> El 18/01/11 19:18, Johann Gail escribió:
>>> 9 tiles
>>> Almost the same results than 1 tile. The first difference found is that
>>> there are a lot of missing streets.
>> Is there a pattern with the missing streets? Maybe only the streets from
>> tile 1 are found, but not from the higher?
> Missing streets are not tile related but spelling related, at least for
> the most important number of missing streets. When using trunk map if I
> type "Calle" in Select street dialog I get a list starting with "Calle"
> and ending with "Calle 8 de Marzo". On index map the list starts with
> "Calle Real Academia Valencia" and ends with "Calle Reina". Between
> "Calle 8 de Marzo" and "Calle Real Academia Valencia" there must be
> hundreds or thousands of streets, as calle means street in Spanish and
> most streets are tagged in the form "Calle ..." All those streets are
> missing in the index map.
> If I type "Calle Real Academia Valencia" in trunk I get exactly the same
> list than in index map just typing "Calle", so in this group no one is
> missing.
> Typing other letters I miss only 1-5 streets in a list of 100, but I
> would need to check one by one to see which ones/where are missing. Is
> there any tool to see the complete list of streets in a map?
> There are also some differences in the ordering. Typing "L" on trunk map
> I get a list starting by "L'string"->"L-number"->"La string". With the
> index map the list is ordered "L-number"->"L'string"->"La string"
One more thing about this issue: on the 1-tile-index map all streets 
starting by Calle... are present and findable.
I have created another test map with 2 tiles and on it Search places 
dialog crashes MapSource.
Regarding the POI search I've noticed that Search near places does work, 
both in the maps that show exception using Search->Search 
places->Reference point (1 tile, 9 tiles maps) and in the "crashing map" 
(2 tiles).

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