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[mkgmap-dev] Index: MDR12 breaking POI search

From Johann Gail johann.gail at gmx.de on Wed Jan 19 20:56:39 GMT 2011

>> I started to strip down the index branch to things that work so that we
>> can add more and more things until we get a running index branch.
>> As a first step I modified the OSM reader so that there will be no
>> special character for sure. All non recognized characters
>> ('a'-'z','A'-'Z','0'-'9',' ','-') are replaced by 'Z'. As far as I
>> understood the character encoding might be a problem. So replacing all
>> problematic characters might help. (see attached patch)
>> 2nd: I splitted Germany with the default splitter settings so that I get
>> big enough tiles.
>> 3rd: I removed MDR8 and MDR12 from the MDRFile class.
>> 4th: I compiled a map using 2 tiles from my Germany split.
>> The result was interesting:
>> * POI search works
>> * All region search fields are disabled
>> * I don't see any more exceptions or crashes in MapSource
>> * Street search still has the problem with the message "Selected street
>> is not allowed in this map product" (translated from german...)
>> * Most of the country information is set to ABC. I don't know if that
>> has something to do with removing the --make-poi-index option?
>> I observed the same result when I added the MDR8.
>> Adding MDR12 returns to the old behaviour with exceptions and MapSource
>> crashes.
>> WanMil
> Compiling a map
> - with the index_nospecialchars_v1.patch: Region field disabled
> - without the index_nospecialchars_v1.patch: Region field enabled
> I do not understand...
> WanMil
As one obviously thing you will change the sorting order of some 
streets. (The streets with the accented chars. ) But this should really 
not be the problem...
Have you checked with the display tools that nothing other gets changed? 
There should be no change in length of lists nor in other structures.


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