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[mkgmap-dev] Index: MDR12 breaking POI search

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Wed Jan 19 19:15:25 GMT 2011

I started to strip down the index branch to things that work so that we 
can add more and more things until we get a running index branch.

As a first step I modified the OSM reader so that there will be no 
special character for sure. All non recognized characters 
('a'-'z','A'-'Z','0'-'9',' ','-') are replaced by 'Z'. As far as I 
understood the character encoding might be a problem. So replacing all 
problematic characters might help. (see attached patch)

2nd: I splitted Germany with the default splitter settings so that I get 
big enough tiles.

3rd: I removed MDR8 and MDR12 from the MDRFile class.

4th: I compiled a map using 2 tiles from my Germany split.

The result was interesting:
* POI search works
* All region search fields are disabled
* I don't see any more exceptions or crashes in MapSource
* Street search still has the problem with the message "Selected street 
is not allowed in this map product" (translated from german...)
* Most of the country information is set to ABC. I don't know if that 
has something to do with removing the --make-poi-index option?

I observed the same result when I added the MDR8.
Adding MDR12 returns to the old behaviour with exceptions and MapSource 


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