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[mkgmap-dev] mult- language in style files

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Mon Jan 17 10:24:24 GMT 2011


Is it possible to add several languages to the default_name tags in the style files?
I know it can be controlled in the TYP file, but if I use one Garmin type for several
polygons, for instance for type 0x19 I use:

leisure=pitch & sport=soccer [0x19 default_name="voetbalveld" resolution 23]
landuse=recreation_ground [0x19 default_name="recreatie terrein" resolution 22]
leisure=playground [0x19 default_name="speeltuin" resolution 24]

My Benelux maps are used by Dutch, German and French native speakers

Since I'm not able to offer 3 different maps, is there a way to set the default_name
in different languages, like default_name:eng="soccerfield"; default_name:nl="voetbalveld" etc
I have tried this but that didnt work. Is it possible by some kind of regular expression?


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