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[mkgmap-dev] How to use the index branch

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Fri Jan 7 22:31:23 GMT 2011

> On 07/01/11 21:52, WanMil wrote:
>> I tried to use the index branch but I don't know the little tricks to
>> get address search working in MapSource (and of course not on my
>> Garmin). Can someone please summarize (Steve, Felix) what I have to do
>> use it at least in MapSource? How do you test the index branch?
> The only options that I use and are needed are: --latin1
>     --family-id=... --route --index.  Probably should also
> have--remove-short-arcs
> --code-page=1252 is not the same as --latin1, you need the later.
>> * Create a map from the index branch with compiling an nsis map installer
>> * Run the mapinstaller exe
>> * Start MapSource
>> =>   The map is installed but Search =>   Search city is disabled.
> That should be all that is needed and it seems that it is at least half
> working.
> In the english version there are three find buttons. One of these is
> greyed out if there is no index. It is called 'Find places' and when
> pressed brings up a window that has several tabs: City, Feature,
> Address, Intersection (tabs only show if the information is available,
> so you can see more or fewer tabs).
> If you see that window then you are at least half way there.
> ..Steve

I retried it with your parameters and it still does not work.
"Search city" is my bad translation. I use the German version and see 3 
menu items of which the first one is disabled.


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