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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r1773: Back out a couple of the previous changes, to see if they are causing

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Fri Jan 7 20:44:56 GMT 2011

On 07.01.2011 17:44, svn commit wrote:
> Version 1773 was commited by steve on 2011-01-07 16:44:15 +0000 (Fri, 07 Jan 2011)
> Back out a couple of the previous changes, to see if they are causing
> the index generation problem reported by Felix.
> _______________________________________________
Nope sorry, still broken. (it crashes for me when searching for 
Bahnhofsstraße) in Austrian map extract.
However sorry for not checking in depth the first time. What is breaking 
the search is the *.mdx* file (which is smaller too). So please revert 
the changes on the mdx file, or review them and restore the mdr_img file 
to revision 1772....

(just for a side reader, the problem here is on the trunk after the 
clean up, not on the index branch -- which I have not tried yet - but 
will do right now).

I have attached working and broken mdx file (working mdx file was 
created with an mkgmap version from 29.9.2010 so a bit older - but I 
think the error happened after the cleanup and not before, if it was 
broken before cleanup too, then I can check back to when it got broke).
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