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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r1771: Code spring clean.

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Fri Jan 7 15:34:03 GMT 2011

On 07.01.2011 16:27, maning sambale wrote:
> I agree, a good workaround in the past, but should replaced eventually.
>> Well road-name-pois should be removed from mkgmap alltogether IMHO. It
>> overloads the POI search, and causes crashes on most gps - even when the
>> map that has been built with road-name-pois is deactivated....
>> And no, only old generation Garmin GPS work with the address search
>> right now (and to search in other tiles than the active, workarounds are
> Hope we can get this into mkgmap soon. :)
>> needed). In the end as cpreview that generates a fully working address
>> search for cgpsmapper produced maps is open source now, it should be
>> possible to get mkgmap write correct address search too. I have not
>> succeeded in using cpreview to write working mdr for mkgmap created maps
>> though.
> In trying to understand Garmin's search function, am I right to assume
> that search works on different features of the map?  My observation is
> that garmin has 3 separate search index (POIs, address/street, and
> City).
> POI search is OK but I have observed problems with city search.
throught out road-name-pois from all loaded maps, and i bet that city 
search works correctly afterwards! (well I'm not sure which city 
categories are searchable, some are not showing up in search - but 
that's a style-file problem).
(except the usual mkgmap problem of messing up Umlauts and their like in 
the search function - so best don't use --latin1 or another codepage, 
then one can search cities with Umlauts too).

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