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[mkgmap-dev] Amenity=shelter

From Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at iki.fi on Tue Jan 4 21:38:40 GMT 2011

Sorry for the late reply.

On Mon, Dec 06, 2010 at 07:47:21AM +1300, Peter Hendricks wrote:
>I see where this is coming from. The problem is that there are other
>shelters, like roadside shelters that have nothing to do with buses.
>Like this one:
>It's a lay-by with gas, food, etc. and there is a shelter from sun and
>rain. Nothing to do with mountains or hiking. Perhaps this needs to be
>tagged differently, but in any case, even a mountain shelter shouldn't
>show up on the map as a campground. Perhaps 0x6402 building would be
>more appropriate? Label=shelter as well?

What about tourism=picnic_site, fireplace=yes, covered=yes? The default 
style already translates it into 0x4a00.

I saw some tourism=lean_to when fixing a multipolygon issue in a natural 
reserve today. I guess I should add tourism=lean_to to the default style 
(translate it as amenity=shelter) and maybe add a comment next to 
amenity=shelter suggesting that tourism=picnic_site or tourism=lean_to 
(or highway=bus_stop, shelter=yes) should be used instead.

>Incidentally, the area highway=services on the GPS map turns into a POI 
>"Exit Unknown" with an interesting properties page. Check it out @ 
>N14.85751 E100.09283

This is probably because you are using add-pois-to-areas. The default 
style translates the POI with highway=services into 0x210f. I have not 
seen any legitimate use of highway=services in Finland. There are some 
(usually unmanned) driver rest areas next to major highways, which I 
would tag as amenity=parking, parking=surface, surface=paved and 
optionally with POIs for waste disposal, toilets, kiosks and such. I see 
that the wiki now defines highway=rest_area for unmanned rest areas.

Best regards,


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