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[mkgmap-dev] splitter is extreme slow

From Johann Gail johann.gail at gmx.de on Fri Dec 24 10:15:59 GMT 2010

> Hi,
> since many month I'm using splitter for maps creation. Since this time, 
> I use the same PC, so the hardware has not changed.
> I always was able to splitt the europe osm map. The splitting needed 
> some minutes. I didn't check it, perhaps it were 15min, but in no case 
> longer than 15min.
> 4 Days ago I started to create a new europe map, and until now the 
> splitter is running, the harddisk is doing anything. The splitting needs 
> over 75 hours and is still running.
> I can't remember that I changed the version of the splitter. Has there 
> something changed at the osm data?
> is there something new and I have to update my splitter?
Here on the list is another thread 'error splitting binary files' some 
days old. There it looks, as if the binary data from geofabric has some 
problems. Maybe it is the same for you?

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