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[mkgmap-dev] Big trouble with sea generation and small problems wiith options

From Emerald-Island (no-reply) no-reply at emerald-island.eu on Sat Dec 18 11:59:28 GMT 2010


I compiled geofabrik.de Ireland OSM data with mkgmap (I made my tests 
with source code downloaded 2010/12/17) and the sea is generated only 
for one tile with "generate-sea=multipolygon,close-gaps=1000"but works 
well with "generate-sea=multipolygon,extend-sea-sectors,close-gaps=1000" 
! With mkgmap version from august, it works well. Did you change an 
option for sea generation ?

I also found two small problems with mkgmap's options :
Option -version does not display a number but "svn". This is the same 
with old version (since 156x, I think)

While I noticed you changed some options name,  I found a annoying 
change : when mkgmap meets an option which is not needed for compilation 
phase, it stops with an error message like "invalid option". This 
happens only with "product-version" option.

Thank you for your great job,

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