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[mkgmap-dev] Building the planet splitter from the crosby_integration branch

From Scott Crosby scrosby at cs.rice.edu on Sun Dec 5 04:19:40 GMT 2010

Just a quick note.

This is the code for splitting the planet into thousands of areas in a
single pass based on the mkgmap splitter. I mentioned this code on
both osm-dev and mkgmap-dev.

This branch supports PBF, runs much faster, threads better, doesn't
have the 'node in too many areas' issue, and split thousands of areas
in one pass.
( See http://www.mail-archive.com/mkgmap-dev@lists.mkgmap.org.uk/msg06934.html

This code has several external dependencies that I should have
cataloged before, but didn't.

You need the dsiutils and fastutils jar's available at:


You also need to use protobuf 2.3, available at:


The sources for the osmbin jar needed to parse PBF files can be found at:


or the jar can be extracted from the sources for osmosis. This
repository also contains the *.proto definitions if anyone is curious.

I build and run with eclipse and openjdk with:
   java version "1.6.0_18"


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