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[mkgmap-dev] What is ${mkgmap:boundary_name}

From Charlie Ferrero charlie at cferrero.net on Sat Dec 4 05:49:45 GMT 2010

On 04/12/2010 09:48, garvan&maew wrote:
> When I create a map of Cambodia with the default style I get garbage in
> the boundary names (a mixture of Thai and other regional script which
> will not display correctly). Looking at the data I can see that this
> comes from the name tag so I need to select name:en and only use name
> where no name:en exists.
> I first tried using the option --name-tag-list=name:en, name
> expecting that the boundaries would now use the name:en tag, but this
> had no effect that I could see. Next I tried editing the line style, and
> I got the tags to display in English by commenting out this line:
> boundary=administrative { name '${mkgmap:boundary_name}' }
> This appears to be setting the name of administrative boundaries to
> mkgmap:boundary_name, so I was wondering where mkgmap:boundary_name gets
> its value?
> Garvan
Most likely from the relations style file.

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