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[mkgmap-dev] Sea generation

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Thu Nov 18 18:28:20 GMT 2010

I have created a new branch "coast".
As a first step I have committed a new option --coastlinefile that 
allows to define one or more osm files containing coastlines.

I don't know what I have to do to publish the branch build to the 
webpage. Steve? Can you help?


> Hi all,
> I have started to rework the sea generation code. There have been
> several reports of problems with flooded tiles in the last weeks so I
> think it is neccessary to improve some parts of it.
> The first thing I've started is to implement a flooded tile blocker. The
> algorithm has been discussed a while ago on this list. It uses a
> quadtree implementation which is able to return all points contained by
> a polygon. The quadtree is filled with all highway points. If a sea
> polygon contains too many points that belong to highways something is
> wrong and the sea polygon is discarded.
> That's the idea... Let's see how it works.
> The quadtree might also be used to correct wrong sea polygons. But
> that's one of the further steps.
> Do you have any other ideas how to improve the sea generation and how to
> make it more failsafe? Then please let me know.
> Have fun!
> WanMil
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