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[mkgmap-dev] !< not working -- problem with conditions in style-file.

From Torsten Leistikow de_muur at gmx.de on Thu Nov 18 15:52:54 GMT 2010

Felix Hartmann schrieb am 17.11.2010 22:30:
> Below is the outcome I want to have for tracktype=1 and respectively 
> tracktype=5
> if tracktypeadded=yes THEN build 0x07 (no matter if tracktype exists, 
> and no matter which value it has).
> if tracktype=5 THEN do build 0x07 (if tracktype does not exist, or 
> tracktype has any value but 1-4 then it should also go through)
> if tracktype=1 but tracktypeadded!=yes THEN do not build 0x07

I am not sure, I understand your intention correctly. So I will provide a table
for the tracktype value and the expected outcome (tracktypeadded!=yes is always
assumed, since this extra condition shouldn't be the problem):

tracktype   -    build 0x07
not set           no
1                 no
2                 no
3                 no
4                 no
5                 yes
any other value   no

This should be achieved by (tracktypeadded=yes | tracktype=5)

This look so easy, so I probably have misunderstood your intention. So please
provide such a table with your expected outcome.


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