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[mkgmap-dev] Missing icons when using TYP file

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Wed Nov 10 16:25:29 GMT 2010

El 10/11/10 16:22, Dermot McNally escribió:
> Hi,
> For a while I've been using my own TYP file, customised from the one
> maintained by Computerteddy.
> In theory I have changed very little in the file - some road colours,
> and a few translations from German and American into English :)
> I've also changed the Family ID to 333 because that's what my maps
> use. My editing is done using the popular Czech online TYP editor and
> the resulting TYP file works fine for me when compiled into my maps
> using mkgmap. With the exception of Teddy's POI icons, such as the one
> for bus stops. Such icons appear on all of my Garmin devices only as
> tiny squares, even though the correct icons appear inside the editor.
> If I download one of Computerteddy's ready-made maps all icons appear
> as expected.
> My best guess is that Computerteddy may be overriding the default
> mappings for elements like bus stops, though I'm hoping to hear any
> other possible causes before I jump into a replumbing job.
Did you check the match between the bus_stop code in the TYP file and 
the one you have defined in your points style file?

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