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[mkgmap-dev] Sea Detection

From charlie at cferrero.net charlie at cferrero.net on Tue Nov 9 09:09:39 GMT 2010

Chris66 (chris66nrw at gmx.de) wrote:

> Am 09.11.2010 09:56, schrieb charlie at cferrero.net:
>>> I created a map of a cutout of the europe geofabrik extract
>>> including generate sea option.
>>> All is OK, but one tile is white instead of blue because
>>> it's completely in the sea and contains no coastline.
>>> How to detect such tiles?
>>> I think this is easy: It contains no or very few
>>> data (only some ferry lines).
>>> An option for detecting such sea tiles and filling
>>> with a sea polygon would be nice.
>> I'm sure there is an sub-option to --generate-sea that created sea
>> tiles like this.  I think it might be extend-sea-sectors.  You might
>> have to use the polygons version of generate-sea for it to work though
>> (at least, I don't use mp version of generate-sea so I don't know
>> either way).
> I'm using generate-sea=extend-sea-sectors.
> Chris

Maybe it's no-sea-sectors then...?


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